Yoga Schedule

All of Sarah’s classes are Vinyasa Flow style with music, though the levels vary. Vinyasa Flow is a heat-building system of yoga, based on moving with the breath. Sarah brings her extensive training into the classes by teaching detailed technique within the movement so students work deeper and more intelligently, while maintaining the fun of the flow.

6th Avenue-

Tuesdays & Thursdays 445p-6p (All Levels Vinyasa Flow)

Wednesdays & Fridays 9a-1015a (All Levels Vinyasa Flow)



San Francisco-

Fridays 1130a-1225p (Level 2)


“Sarah is a dedicated yogi who works hard and is committed to the practice of yoga. She has a wonderful way of uplifting and connecting with people with her charismatic way bringing positive energy to any group. She is a devoted student who continues her studies on a regular basis to enrich her teachings. She is a hard worker and loves what she does for a living!”

~ Joan Hyman
Senior Teacher
YogaWorks, Los Angeles