September 2018

How I Got My Om Back: Beating the I-am-not-enough virus with purpose

How I Got My “Om” Back

I tipped the movers and glanced at my watch.  The moving van had not even left the premises before I had to hop in the car to go teach my very first class in San Francisco.  Luckily, I was teaching for the same studio I taught at in Los Angeles […]

November 2017

Recovering From Myself

Originally posted Nov 8, 2017 on

Once an addict, always an addict, I used my teaching career and practice as if they were drugs. Teaching every waking moment and planning my schedule years in advance gave me a bigger high than a line of cocaine. It gave me the high of feeling in control. My […]

October 2017

It’s My Marriage I’ll Cry if I Want To

 Imagine this. I’m walking through the aisles of my local super market, an overflowing grocery basket hanging on my arm, when I spy an old friend walking towards me either stealing a cantaloupe or quite pregnant. “Oh, my gosh!” I gush as we delicately hug, “you’re having a baby?!”. She beams in response and as […]

Grief is Good

Grief is Good as featured on Yogapoetica Feb ’17

Between 2008 to 2015, I lost my great-aunt, great-uncle, great-grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, dog (read child), brother, and mom.  My mum’s nurse used to call our family the Kennedys, so blessed, but also plagued with great loss.  I come from a large family and the cycle of […]