5 Lessons My Mother’s Dying Taught Me

If you knew this were the last moment with a loved one, how would you spend it?

There is nothing harder in the world than watching someone close to you die and I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing my mother, aunt, grandma, and now my dog through this inevitable transition. Yet as painful as […]

I am a Yoga Teacher, Not an Acrobat

“Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde

Nearly three and a half years after Briohny Smyth’s now infamous “The Contortionist”, Equinox released a new video of a yogi flowing seamlessly from advanced pose to advanced pose. It is beautiful. The strength and prowess are astonishing, yet my immediate reaction was one of self-centered deprecation. I […]

10 Universal Reasons to Take a Teacher Training

One of the more common questions I get at information sessions for trainings is “what if I don’t want to teach?”

Believe it or not, about half the people who take trainings don’t actually want to teach! Some of you may be thinking, then why take a teacher training versus attending workshops or regular group classes?

At YogaWorks we’re […]

That Really “Peaks” My Interest

I’m a yoga nerd. When I am not doing yoga, I am teaching it. And when I am not teaching it, I am studying it. I love every aspect of the practice: the philosophy, the history, the anatomy, the physical poses (asanas). And being a teacher trainer I actually make a living talking about yoga […]